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DIVA DOGS is a dog grooming service with a difference.


Over recent years our pets have come to mean more to us than just a possession or a tool for security or work reasons.  We keep them in our homes, we buy them accessories and toys and we feed them premium diets.  It would then make sense that we should also give them premium care when it comes to their appearance and well-being.


As the way we treat our ‘best friends’ has changed, we at DIVA DOGS believe that the way dogs have traditionally been handled in grooming salons should also change.


We offer a one-on-one service where each dog’s individual needs can be assessed and catered for, in an unhurried and caring atmosphere.  All too often nervous or sensitive dogs can be traumatised by a trip to the groomers if they are treated by someone who is less than understanding of their individual needs.  A dog’s well-being suffers when high turnover and high profits are the main objective of a business.

At DIVA DOGS we treat your dog as we would our own. We calm and re-assure any dogs who have learnt to fear grooming, and have a 100% success rate in transforming such dogs into relaxed and happy customers, eager for their next visit.

Due to our unhurried, one-on-one contact, we are able to detect areas of concern (such as sores, hot spots or swellings) and alert owners so they can pursue veterinary advice. We are also experienced and competent in grooming animals susceptible to pain from either skeletal or muscular problems.

Having diverse experience in the grooming industry has

allowed us to see first-hand the lack of empathy

and rough treatment of dogs that is sadly, more common than you would realise and is, in some cases, regular practice.  Our business has been set up as a direct result of this experience as we passionately believe that all dogs deserve to be treated with gentleness, respect, understanding and love.

We are committed to providing a service that we are confident you will find hard to match elsewhere.  We not only offer a caring environment for your dog but also provide superior quality clipping and grooming of all breeds.  Customers often say their dog ‘has never looked this good’ after coming out of our salon!

DIVA DOGS practice and promote a holistic approach to animal care and, as such, use only natural and plant based products that have been formulated by a naturopath. We also use organic products wherever possible.

We have an comprehensive list of alternative health care professionals and raw diet food suppliers dedicated to the well-being of all companion animals, and we are more than happy to give you details if you are interested in pursuing alternative therapies (in conjunction with veterinary advice) or natural diets for your loved ones.

Having a happy, healthy (& handsome!) pet is what we all aim for and DIVA DOGS would love to open up a whole new world of grooming and lifestyle for you and your pets!

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